Corporate Responsibility | Amicus Therapeutics

Letter from Patrik Florencio,
Amicus Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Every company speaks of its dedication to ethics & compliance. Amicus is of course no exception – we are deeply committed to performance with integrity. Important sources of our strong commitment are the tone and direction from our CEO and Board, as well as the unusually strong bond and friendship between members of the Amicus leadership and executive teams which permeate the culture of our organization.

As colleagues, we respect and trust each other. As friends, we go the extra mile to support each other in our mutual corporate objectives. And this cuts across all departments. It is that support, and understanding that compliance is a shared responsibility, that makes Amicus so special and its commitment to ethics & compliance so meaningful.


Patrik Florencio
Amicus Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Ethics & Compliance

Our Global Code of Conduct is our guide to performing with integrity around the world. It is founded on core principles and sets expectations for everyone who works at Amicus.

Global Medical Affairs

Amicus proudly commits to providing charitable contributions that help patient and professional nonprofit healthcare-related organizations deliver programs, services and activities that enhance the lives of their rare disease communities.

Corporate Giving

Amicus is committed to carefully designed and considered paths to Expanded Access to our investigational drugs.

Healing Beyond Disease

Healing beyond disease is inspired by and adaptive to rare disease communities and reflects the existing generosity of our corporate culture.