Amicus Therapeutics Corporate Giving Program

Committed to Supporting the Rare Disease Community

Amicus Therapeutics has proudly developed a program to provide charitable contributions that help patient and professional nonprofit healthcare-related organizations deliver programs, services and activities designed to enhance the lives of their rare disease communities. There is a shared purpose of improving public health, patient experiences and outcomes with a focus on educational, advocacy and access initiatives related to those disease areas on which the company focuses its development and therapeutic programs. Amicus does not receive any significant value in terms of goods or services in return for its charitable support.

Charitable Contributions Guidelines

Amicus Therapeutics will review charitable requests from nonprofit organizations described in Sections 501(c)(3) and 509 (a)(1)(2)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and from similarly designated or described nonprofit organizations based in countries outside the United States, including:

  • Patient advocacy organizations;
  • Healthcare-related humanitarian organizations;
  • Healthcare industry associations;
  • Academic centers engaged in disease and patient education;
  • Patient, professional, medical and scientific associations; and
  • Community service organizations.

Requests may seek to support charitable activities such as patient community education or advocacy initiatives and programs intended to increase disease awareness or improvement in patient disease outcomes. Requests for Investigator Initiated Research or medical education grants, e.g., CME/IME, please visit the Global Medical Affairs (GMA) Grants Page.

Documents Required for Charitable Contribution Consideration

  • Letter of Request (LOR) on nonprofit organization’s letterhead (PDF), including program/project title, date(s), location(s), description of the proposed activity, estimated budget and amount of funding requested from Amicus, as well as whether or not the requestor is seeking co-funding from other companies or entities;
  • Agenda if an event or program;
  • Copy of letter or other designation indicating tax-exempt charitable status, e.g., current 990 form (dated within last 2 years), 501(c)(3), excerpt from register, etc.;
  • Current IRS W-9 form* or equivalent foreign documentation (must be signed and dated within the last 12 months); and
  • Amicus Payment Info Form.

Applications will be considered for review only upon submission of all above documentation.

*U.S. nonprofits only

Submitting Requests for Charitable Contributions

Requests for support submitted outside of this process should be made well in advance of the proposed program, event or activity (minimum of 90 days) to ensure adequate time for internal processing, review and response. Amicus’ annual budget preparations begin early in the third quarter of each year; please note that this is the best time to submit requests for support for the entire following calendar year.

First time applicant? Please click here to see if you are eligible, to register and submit your request. Already registered? Please click here  to log-in with your email address and created password in order to submit your request.

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For additional information please contact or call toll-free in the U.S. at 1-866-9AMICUS (1-866-926-4287), or +44-1753-888-567 for International inquiries.

Amicus Therapeutics complies with all federal, state and local country laws, as well as industry and academic codes and guidelines that govern such charitable contribution activities. In addition, Amicus sets strict standards on all of our interactions with patient organization leaders, healthcare professionals and other community partners.

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. reserves the right to modify, revise or delete the terms and conditions of its charitable giving program at any time and without notice.