Amicus Therapeutics Environmental, Social, & Governance Program

Our dedication to patients goes hand in hand with our commitment to our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

Building strong ESG practices and oversight into our scientific and business activities creates a culture of integrity at every level of the organization, while safely and effectively delivering on our founding beliefs — be at the forefront of therapies for rare and orphan diseases, create long-term value for our stakeholders, and foster teamwork and respect for individual contributions.

Our Commitment

Demonstrating a commitment to ESG in order to drive resiliency and adaptability across all business units is our continuing promise to our people, our patients, and our communities.

Our foundational ESG program reflects the effective management of critical environmental, social, and governance principles that are fundamental to our organization. Our ESG initiatives, which are consistent with those identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) for the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sector, serve as a broad guide for our report content.

It is our belief that a sound governance structure, coupled with a socially and environmentally responsible mindset, provides the foundation for collective decision making and accountability across all facets of Amicus.

Evolving our ESG program and its initiatives is a key goal for Amicus, and we look forward to reporting additional data and metrics relative to our ongoing progress on an annual basis.